About PΛØ

PΛØ is the result of a life-long artistic evolution of Pavel "Pao" Antolík (*1989, CZ), a significant stop on an endless musical journey of trying to find that very "own" sound capable of truthfully capturing and reproducing all the feelings and emotions that can be only shared through music. PΛØ stands for slower, wave-ish sounding bass-heavy vibes, that can be felt most at night, and as a brand, it's supposed to separate itself and the music it represents from all the other genres of music produced under Pavel's other, older alter-egos. It's a junction point between the personal perception of actual reality, the human subconsciousness, and dreamy visions of a dark, cold dystopian cyberpunk future.

The term "brand" is not really accurate in this context, tho'. PΛØ is much more than just another brand - it's not a product, it's an identity. In fact, it's... me.