The Story

It was already past midnight. He was standing on a small balcony, gazing over the horizon shaped by distant tower blocks and their myriads of tiny windows, all of them already gone dark. The lightless, cold concrete mass of the city was reaching everywhere, as far as his eyes could see, only with streets running through the darkness like miniature rivers of light, creating a giant glowing grid underneath his little "birdnest".

This was his favorite part of the day. With the city already asleep, he finally had time to slow down, think, and self-reflect. For him, there was something truly magical in the night, something capable of bringing all the different feelings and emotions up from under the surface, most of them hidden too deep to be experienced in the rushed reality of a day. And despite all those peaceful moments were rather lonely, he eventually found a strange way to enjoy that solitude, together with all those other kinds of innermost feelings that usually came along,

Then he raised his hand and took a long, slow puff from the joint he was holding that whole time, deeply inhaling and then exhaling again, watching the cloud of smoke slowly rise to the black sky and then dissolve in the void. Savoring the view for a few more seconds, he finally turned around into a small room full of music equipment, illuminated only by the dim light of a computer screen and various diodes, staring out of the darkness like small glowing eyes. There was still plenty of time before the first birds would start to sing, and there was only one way to share his feelings with someone else - through the music...