PΛØ T-Shirt Pre-Order

It's finally here! If you want your PΛØ tee, let me know NOW!

This is a computer generated mockup, the real tees will be even prettier ;) Click to see full version
This is a computer generated mockup, the real tees will be even prettier ;) Click to see full version


100% ring-spun cotton

Fabric density:
M 160 GSM / F 150 GSM

Print technology:

Estimated delivery:
20-30 days (see FAQ below)

Real tee photos (w/o print):
For size guide see FAQ

Price: €25

The Pre-Orders Have Ended

But don't worry, there will still be some extra t-shirts on my eshop for those of you who missed the pre-order. If you want to make sure that you'll get yours, send me your email via the form below and I'll notify you when the eshop gets officially launched.


How does this preorder process work?

In this phase, all I actually need is to get some idea of how many t-shirts I'll need to have made, so you don't have to pay anything yet - you're just letting me know that you want a t-shirt. Once those are ready, I'll message everyone with the private link to the webpage where you'll be able to order the actual t-shirt (including the payment itself, choosing the delivery method etc).

When are those t-shirts gonna be ready?

Tees should be ready in the first half of May. Preorders are taking place from Thursday 15.4 to Tuesday 20.4. On Wednesday 21.4., I'll send my order to the printing company that claims to need two weeks to finish it. So hopefully, on the beginning of May, t-shirts will be ready for delivery.

What if the size won't fit me?

No problem! If the size doesn't fit, just let me know as soon as possible (maximum up to 2 weeks after delivery) - if there is another t-shirt in the size you need left on stock, I'll send it to you in an exchange for the unfitting one. If not, I can always send you a refund. There is a condition tho', you must send the unfitting one back in its original condition, ideally with the original wrapping.

What if my t-shirt is defective? (A hole in the fabric, faulty print etc.)

Same as the previous answer - just let me know ASAP and I'll either send you a new one or settle a refund.

What if I don't buy my preordered t-shirt in the end?

If something happens that would prevent the final purchase (like your favorite hamster suddenly dying so you'd have to pay for a funeral, or Dogecoin dipping so low you'd just have to yolo all your money in), it's all good, no hard feelings. I'll keep that t-shirt on the eshop for someone else to eventually buy it.

Will it be possible to buy a t-shirt at some later time, even if I don't preorder it now?

Most probably yes - I'll order some extra pieces to have something left for the eshop itself. Still, there's no guarantee that your size will be available when you finally decide to go all in, so the preorder is definitely a safer bet.

What methods of delivery will be available?

For Czech Republic (where I reside) it will be either Česká Pošta, Zásilkovna, PPL or personal pickup. For other countries it will be either Zásilkovna (if available in your country) or PPL. You'll be able to choose your preferred delivery method yourself in the final order process when the t-shirts are finished.

Size guide:

Finding the official size chart from the t-shirt manufacturer turned out to be almost impossible task, luckily, after some googling, I managed to find these on other eshop selling the original printless t-shirt:

Men (chest to fit):

  • XS 37" (~ 94cm)
  • S 39" (~ 99cm)
  • M 42" (~ 107cm)
  • L 45" (~ 114cm)
  • XL 49" (~ 124cm)
  • 2XL 53" (~ 134cm)
  • 3XL 57" (~ 145cm)
  • 4XL 61" (~ 155cm)
  • 5XL 65" (~ 165cm)

Women (hope you can make some sense out of these numbers, 'coz I can't):

  • XS 8
  • S 10
  • M 12
  • L 14
  • XL 16
  • 2XL 18
  • 3XL 20
  • 4XL 22
  • 5XL 24