PΛØ - The Night

"The Night" is the debut album of Czech-based producer PΛØ, bringing a fresh mixture of wave sound and other influences, such as the future garage, dubstep, synthwave, even dipping a bit into more cinematic soundscapes and deviating further away from the classic trap hi-hat structure of the wave beats. 

As the name suggests, the album is greatly inspired by the night and the darkness itself, trying to express and convey all those innermost feelings that a person can experience when left out alone in the silent, sleeping city. The vision behind the whole thing runs deeper than that tho', taking the listener fast forward in time to a dark, dystopian cyberpunk future, telling stories about gigantic, glowing metropolises, night rides on endless neon highways, and lustful romances in high-rise penthouses, as well as stories about hidden hazy bars where shady people sell all kind of crazy dope, stories about evil, intelligent computers, killer robots and derelict, abandoned colonies on distant planets far from the dying Earth.

Who Is PΛØ?

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